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The figure of Apolinario Mabini merits a web site with hundreds of pages just to accommodate his written work. Attempting anything similar is clearly way beyond the Hispanofilipino web page. In its stead, to commemorate his birth's 150th anniversary, it was deemed adequate to select from his written legacy the correspondence he maintained with General  Bell that condenses admirably his vision and his reasons to strive for the independence of his fatherland, the Philippines.

On May 5, 1900, General Arthur MacArthur succeeded General Otis as commanding general and military governor in the Philippines, and soon after General James Franklin Bell was called in from the command of the district including Pangasinan province to serve as provost-marshal-general of Manila. After the June, 1900 amnesty proclamation, many efforts were made, especially by Bell, who often visited Mabini in person, to secure the latter's influence in behalf of peace. Towards that en, Mabini also had an interview with the newly arrived Taft Commission. By this time he enjoy a considerable degree of freedom of movement and wrote for the Filipino press when he chose. He would not, however, commit himself to acceptance of American sovereignty. His reasons are in the correspondence he had with General Bell that follows.

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   Spanish text:
Las Cartas Políticas de Apolinario Mabini
Con Prólogo y Notas por Teodoro M. Kalaw
Manila, 1930
Official Publications of the National Library
   English Text:
Apolinario Mabini
Testament and Politrical Letters
Translated by Alfredo S. Veloso
Edited by José R. Perdigón
Manila, 2013

Web edition: José R. Perdigón, July, 2014