Casa real de Bucay
1st Capital of Abra
Plate 07: Casa Real renovation: 1849
plan of main façade

One sheet of a set of plans sent by Governor Tajonera in 1849 to Central Government in Manila in support of his request to organize Bucay's Casa Real in the Officers' Quarters within the fort complex.

A budget accompanying the plans was approved and the work was actually done by a carpenter from Tayum, at the time Cabeza de Barangay (village head) in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur who was paid, per his affidavit, the full amount approved in the budget. He also built the first convento (parochial home and office) in Bucay, a two-story affair in wood, bamboo and cogon.

The original Spanish caption of the plan cautions that it represents the Officers’ Quarters in Fort General Martinez, “provisionally accommodated” to function as Casa Real. The building as represented is composed of two wings in an L-shaped building that housed both the Casa Real and the fort’s officers’ quarters. Only the four bays on the drawing's left side comprise the Casa Real façade. The right side is the fort’s officers quarters in a wing behind and at right angles with the Casa Real.