Casa Real de Bucay
1st Capital of Abra

1: Topographic map of Abra 12: Casa Real: isometric drawing, whole building
2: Decree creating the Province of Abra, first page 13: Plans of proposed provincial jail: 1848
3: Bucay, Map, 1848. Photo of manuscript in the National Archives 14: Bucay, center of town, digital drawing of portion of the Cariño map
4: 1848 Bucay maps symbols contrasted with actual pictures 15: Location of the fort ruins
5: Bucay Poblacion, digital drawing from map in the National Archives 16: Tajonera expedition to Cagayan Valley in 1849
6: Plaza and Casa Real 17: Abra tunnel, only gate to the province
7: Casa Real renovation: 1849 plan of main façade 18: Calzada Real, Tayum, League marker
8: Casa Real renovation: 1849 ground floor drawing 19. Bucay Tribunal Building
9: Casa Real renovation: 1849 upper floor drawing 20. Bucay: 2013 and 1848
10: Casa Real: architectural rendition of the 1849 plans: Main Façade 21. Bucay Publich School
11: Casa Real: axonometric plans, second and ground floors 22. Bucay Parochial School

The materials for this set of plates are gathered from the topographic map of Abra issued by the old Bureau of Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1976, several manuscripts from the National Archives of the Philippines, architectural renderings by Patricia Perdigon and digital drawings, graphics, and  pictures by the author.
The facsimiles of the manuscripts in the National Archives published here consist of digital photos taken by the autor with the consent of the Arcives' curators.
All the materials in the plates are covered by copyright and no plate or part thereof may be reproduced to any extent or in any media without the consent of the author.