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The Circulo Hispanofilipino web page publishes material of interest related to the Círculo's objectives to acknowledge the Hispanic culture and promote the Spanish language in the Philippines. Publishable material is subject to clearance by Mr. Andreas Herbig, moderator of the Hispanofilipino mail group.

Material published in this page represents only the opinions and ideas of the authors and cannot be construed as the Círculo's opinions or ideas.

The Hispanofilipino web page  does not promote nor condones anything negative, malicious or prejudicial to the hispanic culture or the Spanish language in the Philippines. The fact that the Círculo maintains an interest limited exclusively to hispanic themes cannot be construed as a rejection to promoting any other culture or language, a promotion which is acknowledged as legitimate and commendable.

For security reasons, the Hispanofilipino web page does not publish its members' list nor their contact addresses. 

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