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The founder of Grupo Filipinohispano, Mr Andreas Herbig, formalized the Circle's objectives in an invitations document issued and published in the group mail middle of 2001.

  • To encourage a change in the cultural awareness of Filipinos toward revaluation of the Hispanic Filipino heritage, especially the Spanish and Chabacano languages, and to promote reflection on Hispanic Filipino identity and history, which are the Filipinos' fundamental bridges to the Hispanic world.
  • All Filipinos or non-Filipinos interested in these and other related themes / issues are welcome to take part and can feel free to express their views or make contributions in English and / or Spanish
  • We'd like to promote respectful discussion, dialogue, debate, free exchange among common citizens and culturally sensitive persons so that Filipino culture can acquire a fuller, more accurate and higher profile than it has today.
  • The statements and contributions aired on these subjects (as well as the information on members and their addresses) may only be given out to other persons who are not in the list, after obtaining the list member(s) permission to do 
  • We want to look back to the past, encounter and understand better the Hispanofilipino culture, which can possibly lead to a new future that all Filipinos today will feel is truly their own, grounded in a past memory in which all Filipinos (no matter their ethnic origins, languages, religions) had recognition of their particular character -- much more so than today.
  • Examine, review, analyze the positive aspects of the Spanish / Chavacano languages, as being a fundamental part of the Filipino cultural heritage, and therefore an essential part of the national cultural identity that must be included in the general school and college curriculum of the Filipino educational system.
  • Propose that the Filipinos advocate the re-institution of units of Spanish language in the Philippines' educational curriculum, making possible to the Filipino students to learn the Spanish language as a regular elective subject, in all schools and colleges. The circle is also a forum to improve the knowledge of the Spanish language among the Filipinos.