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The Spanish government in Manila in its last years decided to build a new bridge over River Pasig to connect Plaza Goiti (now Lacson) in Santa Cruz near the church with Arroceros Street (now P. Burgos) across. The Spanish built the foundations, piers and abutments but ceased construction due to the instability caused by the impending Philippine Revolution. The bridge construction was completed by the American administration in 1902 which renamed it MacArthur Bridge in honor of Governor General Arthur MacArthur. Finished as a steel truss bridge, it was demolished by Japanese Imperial forces like all the other bridges over Pasig River to slow the US forces advance towards Intramuros in 1945. It was rebuilt as a concrete cantilever bridge after World War II.

Right photo. MacArthur Bridge in the foreground; a little upstream is Colgante Bridge near La Insular Ice Factory’s  tall smoke shaft; Ayala Bridge’s two steel arches can be seen farther upriver and to the right. 

Left, the ruined MacArthur Bridge. Center, a panoramic of destruction: the Post Office building in center of photo; to its right, Jones Bridge temporarily repaired; to its left, the sunken MacArthur Bridge; below the bridge, the Feati University building that was left standing; left lower corner, the Santa Cruz Church in ruins. Right photo,  MacArthur Bridge reconstructed after World War II.